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Online Partners

Game Lodge Marketing

Our services include the following: Website design & development, Google adwords marketing, Facebook ad marketing, seo marketing, social media management, graphic design, interior design & setup, photography services and lodge amenities supplies.

BEE Affidavit

Please take note that the BEE legislation changed on 1 May 2015, stating that the only requirement for an Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME) in the General (includes construction), Tourism, MAC, ICT and CA Sector, is a sworn Affidavit and no longer a BEE certificate.

Debt Consolidation SA

Debt consolidation offers people in debt basically a lifeline, in the sense that you can consolidate all your debts under 1 loan and then repay only the instalment on that loan.

SA Loans

While doing my research into loans in South Africa, I have come across so many websites offering the exact same product offering as Wonga.

Instant Cash Loans SA

We have created this informative website to help people choose the best personal loan company to assist them with an instant loan.

BEE Certificate SA

Currently in South Africa, it has become crucial for companies to be BEE compliant and this has increased the need for BEE Certificates in South Africa.

Monthly accounting services

We have got a broad client base in terms of monthly accounting services and we process these financial services on Pastel Partner and specify each account according to the client's needs.

Dryk Financial Services

Being an accountant for the last ten years it gives me the greatest pleasure to assist clients with their accounting and taxation problems.

Fast Little Loans

Wonga is a short term loan company focusing on little loans as such, which provides people with an option to get a loan of up to R2500 and all you have to do is to simply complete on the online application form.

Online Loans SA

Welcome to Online Loans SA and we have created this website to assist people out there to find the best online loan websites out there.

Branch Codes

Bank branch codes in South Africa.

Debt Review SA

Debt Review is a process in terms of the National Credit Act for over indebted consumers. The purpose of the act is to protect the over indebted consumer against Credit providers.

CIPC Company Registration

CIPC is the government organisation in South Africa where all company related registrations and changes take place. CIPC is short for Companies and Intellectual Property Commission.

Personal Loans SA

Personal Loan information in South Africa.

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