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Lead Generating Process

Leads Generation

Please find a brief overview of how the process works and what we are able to offer through the lead generating process. The following 3 steps will outline what we will do.

Step 1

We will develop a new website and create all the graphics as well as content for the website, related to your product or service that you offer. We will thus need information from the client about the company in order to write unique fresh content for the website. All the costs involved for the above step will not cost the client anything and everything will be paid by Lead Optimizers. We will upload the website and start to do our online marketing magic.

Business Lead Generation

Important to note:
  • This website will remain the property of Lead Optimizers.
  • Only an enquiry form will be shown on the website and not the company's contact details, to enable efficient tracking of leads.

Step 2

We will focus on optimising the website to the best of our ability in order to generate organic traffic and thus enquiries for you. We will also focus on PPC campaigns and other social media advertising options to generate targeted enquiries.

Important to note:
  • All the costs involved for the advertising on the various platforms will be paid by Lead Optimizers and will not cost the client anything.
  • The enquiries will then be setup to be sent to several of our email addresses as well as the email address specified by the client.
  • We will keep a list of the enquiries and send it to the client as additional confirmation.

Step 3

Currently we do work op a per lead or per sale basis, depending on the business setup and niche market. Costing per lead will be determined according to the workload to generate the leads for that specific industry.

To find out more about what the cost involved are, click here to read more.

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