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Lead Costing

Feb 2017: Personal Loans Niche Availability

We currently have an opportunity for a financial company looking for leads for personal loans. We are able to assist with a huge number of leads, for people specifically looking for personal loans. If you are interested, please contact us to discuss costing as well as setup arrangements.

Send us an email directly to web@netkonect.co.za

As mentioned on the lead generating process page, all the costs involved for website development and advertising campaigns will be paid my Netkonect.

Currently we only work on a per lead basis and we will provide you with a quote per lead, depending on the niche market your product or service is located in.

The quote price per lead varies accordingly to the specific industry, number of competitors, costing for PPC campaigns etc. We try and do an analysis, to provide you with an accurate quote per lead basis.

Important things to note:
  • We do not resell any of the leads and the leads are exclusively channelled to your company, until cancelation of service.
  • We do not spam to get any leads and we use the best advertising channels to generate leads for your company
  • There is no set contract and the service works on a month to month basis.
  • If the contract is cancelled, we do reserve the right to use the website to generate leads for a similar company, since the website remain the property of Netkonect.

Banner Advertising (Updated)

Click here to view our current banner advertising options available.

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