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Current Projects

Feb 2017: Personal Loans Niche Availability

We currently have an opportunity for a financial company looking for leads for personal loans. We are able to assist with a huge number of leads, for people specifically looking for personal loans. If you are interested, please contact us to discuss costing as well as setup arrangements.

Send us an email directly to web@netkonect.co.za

We have been working on quite a few projects over the last couple of months and you can view all our current projects by going to our directory.

Banner Advertising (Updated)

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Fencing Cape Town

Motivational Speakers

Home Loans Online

Deceased Estates

Please remember to check back regularly, to view all our latest projects.

Featured: Lead Generating Process

We will develop a new website and create all the graphics as well as content for the website, related to your product or service that you offer.

We will thus need information from the client about the company in order to write unique fresh content for the website. All the costs involved for the above step will not cost the client anything and everything will be paid by Netkonect.

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Featured: Lead Costing

As mentioned on the lead generating process page, all the costs involved for website development and advertising campaigns will be paid my Netkonect and the profit and the end of each month will be divided according to the percentage as discussed and agreed to by both parties.

The win-win scenario for our clients is that they can focus on their product or service and do not have to worry about getting enquiries and in turn share in the profit of the sales generated monthly.

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