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Netkonect are a web and search engine optimisation (SEO) company based in Cape Town, South Africa, offering web design, web development and seo marketing services to a variety of clients nationwide.

SEO Cape Town SEO has evolved over the years and with the constant changing of their algorithm by Google, you really have to stay up to date with the latest trends and factors influencing any websites' rankings. SEO has become a complex process and finding the right balance and sticking to the basic seo tools you can achieve amazing results. SEO is one of the most important processes to ensure your website is SEO ready to start marketing online. There are a number of factors that influence the traction your website will have once submitted to the various South African and International search engines.

There are many companies offering this service, however not all can show the results. Netkonect (SEO Cape Town) will ensure that this process is followed correctly, which, combined with effective on-going monthly maintenance, will maximise the effectiveness of your web presence.

Improved rankings = more traffic = more potential customers = more sales. It's that simple.

With our search engine optimisation (SEO) service as well as our on-going monthly marketing maintenance, we cannot guarantee to position your website as number one and keep it there; however we can guarantee radical improvement in your rankings and help your company get into the online game. Positioning your website on the first page and achieving top results in web searches is our main aim and we strive towards that goal.

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